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Toustone has been selected by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) – Australia’s national science agency, to join their esteemed AI ecosystem directory. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Toustone, further solidifying our position among industry leaders in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

This CSIRO AI ecosystem directory aims to foster collaboration between businesses and AI solution providers. This recognition showcases Toustone’s commitment to innovation and excellence in advanced analytics and AI prediction tools for HR, Membership Associations, Sustainability Reporting and more.

Toustone’s selection by CSIRO places us alongside industry giants such as Salesforce, SAP, NVIDIA, and several research-driven universities. It’s rewarding to be recognised by an industry body for our expertise and contributions to the AI landscape.

Commenting on the feature, Toustone CEO Craig Lefoe said,

“CSIRO’s role in advancing the field of AI cannot be overstated. When CSIRO invests and focuses on cutting-edge research and collaboration, the end result is actually the reshaping of industries, not only in Australia but worldwide. It’s fantastic that Toustone is recognised by CSIRO as not only a part of that reshaping, but as one of the innovators driving that also. We certainly aim to be forward-thinking and advanced in everything we do, so it’s nice to get some recognition from well-known industry bodies as well!”

CSIRO's Role in Advancing AI

CSIRO is a well-known organisation that has a significant impact on the community, but is often working very hard behind the scenes in research across a broad spectrum of areas.

Their efforts in the AI space however, shouldn’t go unnoticed. CSIRO is a key driver in robotics, natural language processing research, and computer vision – just to name a few. All of this research leads to the development of new algorithms and methodologies, advancing not only what consumers know as ‘AI,’ but for government agencies to then be able to apply AI to real world problems and challenges.

Their research is also applied across industries, with the backing of funding from the Australian Government, in places such as, “helping manufacturers use computer vision to increase production and ensure safety on the factory floor,” as their website states.

The importance of collaboration in AI development

Collaboration with private organisations and companies, like Toustone, leads to incredibly beneficial outcomes for all. By bringing together the expertise, existing industry solutions and insights from our team, together with the extensive research and perspectives of CSIRO, we’re able to address more complex challenges and tackle new opportunities. Fresh perspectives encourage us to move forward with even greater innovation.

Toustone’s Machine Learning Engineer Yuan Zhang says,

“I am thrilled to see the recognition in this new partnership between Toustone and CSIRO. It’s through these opportunities we not only leverage the latest research but also create opportunities for mentorship, knowledge exchange and collective learning. We’re not just building AI solutions – we’re shaping the future of technology and driving positive change for generations to come.”

Machine learning being used by Australian organisations

A great example of what can eventuate from sharing knowledge and insights is Toustone’s working relationship with one of Australia’s largest transport operators, that actually led to the development and refinement of our Transport Solution.

It was through working with this train operator that we were able to really see the details of actual real-world challenges occurring, and then create the solutions for those challenges. This approach might take longer in testing, collaborating and all that comes with that, but it means you cut out the hypothetical “This could address this problem,” and know, “It does fix this problem.”

Toustone’s Transport Analytics and Services Delivery Director, Adam Sharp, spearheaded that collaborative work and knows first-hand just what value can come of this approach.

“We recognised that the ingestion of massive amounts of electrical data for Metro Trains was an area to address, and developing a process and capability to do just that was the first step. What you may not initially expect however, are the other opportunities that arise from solving a challenging problem, and for us that was then having the data to start applying machine learning over that data.

By working with Metro Trains in applying these solutions and taking hold of the opportunity to apply machine learning over the data we collected, we’ve now created the ability to accurately forecast energy consumption for different transport providers, even 6 – 12 months into the future. This then continues to lead us into more opportunities like the forward purchasing of energy and so on.”

Adam explained.

For more information on just how our transport solution evolved and developed with data-driven insights, read Adam’s insightful interview on the RTS Podcast.

At Toustone, we welcome the valuable outcomes which arise out of partnerships such as our new one with CSIRO. It’s what being ‘innovative’ is all about in our eyes – adaptability, forward thinking and collaboration, leading us to some wonderful advancements.

If you’d like to discuss any of our AI and/or advanced analytics solutions for your business, book in a chat with us below.