How Toustone helped a leading agri-food company recognise the ‘why’, not just the ‘what’ of its business performance.

About Rivalea

Rivalea is a leading Australian agri-food business that processes and distributes around 17% of the country’s premium pork products. The company also supplies a range of animal nutrition products for livestock producers.

The Challenge

The Solution

  • Fully automated daily sales reporting broadcasts
  • Sales team accurate see sales performance data against targets
  • Easy identification of high-value customers and slipping/lost clients
  • Streamlined the budget spending monitoring and analysis process
  • Ensured available budget is utilised
  • Quality compliance through fat-depth and weight-profile analysis

“For us, it’s not about reporting – plenty of solutions offer reporting. What we needed was a solid analysis tool that gave our sales and marketing people absolute ownership and accountability. It’s about growth, forecasting and performance against budget. The analysis capability lets us get in and find out the ‘why’, so we can work out the ‘what’s next.”

Mark McKenzieGeneral Manager Sales & Marketing at Rivalea