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A revolutionary advanced and predictive data analytics platform for sports clubs, community clubs and membership associations.

“We want to take away that gaming element and focus on the food and beverage as a standalone business and in doing that make sure that we can support the club”

Rod Dearsly, CFO, Bankstown Sports Club

From fragmented static club data to integrated & actionable insights

Membership-based organisations, such as sports clubs, RSL clubs, AFL clubs, Catholic clubs, and community clubs, grapple with both blessings and curses when it comes to data. We refer to blessings because these organisations often possess a rich supply of big data, providing numerous opportunities to extract insights that can contribute to gaining a competitive edge, enhancing member services, and ultimately fostering growth.

However, this very club data can also be a curse due to its potential for being soiled, messy, siloed, and disjointed—a complex and tangled web of multiple stand-alone systems. Moreover, traditional methods of data consolidation within the club industry are time and labor-intensive, yielding limited success in extracting insights that can be confidently trusted, as they are prone to human bias or error. In this context, the pursuit of solutions is accompanied by the risk of member disengagement and departure, which, in turn, threatens the organization’s financial viability.

But it need not be that way.

Retain Member is the ultimate turnkey platform that offers a clear and detailed view of your club’s operations, performance, marketing activities, and membership behaviour. Imagine one smart, clean, collated platform, where your data meets and is enhanced with machine learning capabilities to present you with an holistic member picture- past, present, and future predictive.

That’s RetainMember, designed with clubs, for clubs.

How RetainMember works

  • We start by sourcing, cleaning and then loading key data from your POS, memberships, gaming, financials, marketing and relevant external data
  • It doesn’t matter how the data is presented to us (ie Real-Time, via API’s or even excel spreadsheets) our process ingests it all.
  • We then place all of the cleaned data into a central data warehouse, which is hosted and managed on a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. This ensures that best-of-kind technologies are used along with robust security and support processes.
  • To unlock the vision of a single source of information for clubs data from various sources is joined together for true “cross-silo” analysis and insight generation. And Machine Learning models are leveraged for predictive analytics, like membership churn.
  • Insights are presented to you in the visual RetainMember Executive Dashboard that includes operations, customer lifetime value, marketing opportunities, demographic insights and those who are at risk of leaving or disengaging from your club.

RetainMember Advanced & Predictive Analytics Overview

How Clubs are benefiting from RetainMember

CEO's, CCO's and CFO's are addressing business objectives with confidence

  • Identify how to diversify revenue streams
  • Optimises business operations in real-time
  • Predict future performance and plan accordingly
  • Identify and minimise business risks
  • Plan for future capital expenditure based on solid evidence
  • Benefit from a unified and accurate self-service Executive Dashboard
  • Use data you can trust as part of company KPIs and reporting
  • Receive automatic reporting based on your business goals, or stakeholder needs
  • Have a deep and accurate understanding of your corporate and marketing operations and opportunities
  • Understand and track your competitive advantage.

CMO's and Marketing Departments are identifying and tracking opportunities

  • Identify the life time value of your members and grouped audiences
  • Understand member and customer demographics, behaviours, patterns, and trends
  • Identify, with incredible accuracy, which members are likely to disengage with your club within the next 12 months, and act to prevent disengagement to reduce membership churn
  • Understand how to stimulate and maintain member and revenue growth, based on reliable first party data
  • Predict future marketing and membership performance and plan accordingly
  • Identify marketing opportunities and membership or community trends in real-time
  • Benefit from a unified and accurate self-service dashboard with all your marketing metrics.
  • Use data you can trust as part of your marketing strategy and tactical plans
  • Receive automatic marketing reporting based on your reportable marketing metrics
  • Observe the impact of your marketing and membership churn efforts in realtime as predictions are adjusted based on outcomes
  • Dynamically observe outcomes of marketing and member initiatives implemented.

RetainMember Club Industry Case Study

Bankstown Sports, one of Australia's biggest sport clubs, grows members and reduces churn

The Challenge

Recent regulatory changes in Australia on gaming machines have led clubs and associations to develop alternative revenue streams and reduce the reliance on gaming-generated income. This new direction is a game-changer for any business who generates large volumes of income form their gaming operations. This shift presents a transformative opportunity for businesses heavily reliant on gaming revenue. Notwithstanding the considerable challenges associated with this transition, Bankstown Sports Club (BSC) emerges as a frontrunner in turning adversity into advantage.Bankstown Sports Club (BSC) is one of NSW’s largest clubs. They have 550 staff and are 165,000 members strong. The Chief Financial Officer of BSC has articulated a strategic vision, emphasising the imperative to diversify income sources and mitigate the reliance on gaming revenue, all while addressing the pressing issue of membership churn. This strategic direction underscores the resilience and adaptability of BSC in navigating the evolving landscape of regulatory dynamics and business sustainability.

Opportunity Identified

The leadership team at Bankstown Sports Club (BSC) was acutely aware of the wealth of information within their records that could propel them toward their strategic objectives. However, they faced a significant challenge in effectively collating their extensive and fragmented data, resorting to a manual process that was both time-consuming and prone to errors.

This though, is where Toustone knew we could help. After all, seamlessly consolidating data, finding linkages and connections in that data, making sense of the numbers and identifying opportunities based on data insights is what we do incredibly well. In fact, it’s what Toustone’s RetainMember does for sporting clubs, community clubs and any membership based organisation.

The Outcome

BSC decided to implement RetainMember at their club. And as a result they were able to detect 80% of BSC members at risk of disengagement within the next 12 months with an 82% accuracy rate.

Leveraging the high precision of Toustone’s RetainMember, BSC took proactive measures by implementing initiatives and programs designed to re-engage with members identified as ‘at risk,’ effectively addressing the challenge of membership churn. Armed with data-driven insights, the club could tailor strategies to suit the unique needs of each member or specific member groups.

BSC are now able to combine key metrics of Member Lifetime Value with Churn Risk across specific members or particular cohorts of their membership base. This allows them to strategically allocate marketing resources for member retention with optimal efficiency and a measurable return on investment.

The club are also using insights from RetainMember to forward plan capital expenditure projects. maximizing the impact of their investments.

BSC has achieved its highest membership growth rate to date, boasting a 25% increase from April to October 2023. With insights readily available to gauge the impact of their activities, Bankstown Sports Club as observed a proactive engagement from staff across the organization, driving successful acquisition and retention campaigns.

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The Toustone RetainMember Edge

What makes RetainMember’s Advanced and Predictive Analytics unique:

  • For over 30 years Toustone’s founders have been working with complex data for some of the world’s largest brands
  • We use real-time and live data (we can use static if you request this)
  • We orchestrate across your existing data, so there is no need for new software
  • We are Australian owned and operated will soon be reaching 10 years in business. When partnering with Toustone you can trust that we’ll be here in the long run
  • Because it is one source of the truth based on real data, quality, certainty and trust are delivered
  • We integrate state-of-the-art Machine Learning models across your data, providing you with highly accurate predictive membership churn analytics.
  • RetainMember was built with clubs, for clubs.

RetainMember featured in AWS Case Study

Amazon Web Services (AWS) approached us as they were impressed with what we had created with RetainMember. And more importantly how it was helping our customers address challenges head-on whist positively impacting their Clubs bottom line.

You can read the full case study here “Toustone Builds Predictive Intelligence Tool to Forecast Membership Churn Rates with 82% Accuracy.”