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Talent, Energy, Carbon

Being sustainable in an uncertain and fast-moving world

You're invited to an exclusive Breakfast Seminar on the latest advances in Predictive ML

Event Details

Showcase One: RetainTalent

  • How RetainTalent provides direct managers with sufficient lead time to intervene and retain valued staff
  • Improving retention and its impact on your bottom-line
  • Enhancing business continuity and improving employee well-being

Showcase Two: PledgeZero

  • How PledgeZero accurately predicts your energy consumption for the next 12 to 24 months
  • Uncovering operation energy usage and carbon footprint insights
  • Insights to support strategies to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

Meet The Speakers

Discover two new innovative Machine Learning products that will transform your ESG reporting capabilities and hear from our expert ESG panel speakers who will discuss the challenges of ESG reporting and greenwashing and how to overcome them.

CEO, Co-founder

Craig Lefoe

Showcase: RetainTalent

Craig Lefoe, CEO and Co-founder of Toustone will showcase RetainTalent – a powerful Machine Learning model that predicts staff at risk of turnover with 96% accuracy. With a rich background as a senior manager in data analytics, Craig will explain how RetainTalent provides direct managers with enough time to intervene and retain valuable staff.

Data Science Specialist

Aayushi Vyas

Showcase: PledgeZero

Aayushi Vyas, a data science specialist, will showcase PledgeZero – another powerful Machine Learning model that reports on current and future energy consumption. With a keen interest in Machine Learning, Aayushi has developed extensive expertise in data-driven solutions to address complex business problems.

People and Culture Strategist

Vanessa Porter

Panel: All of You

Vanessa is a highly accomplished Senior Executive who has held roles for major global companies, across industries and markets. In 2015 she Founded All Of You. As a people and culture strategist and advisor, Vanessa demonstrates a keen ability to drive organisational success. On the panel, Vanessa will share her expertise in creating, embedding and sustaining innovative initiatives.

Strategic ESG Expert

Tim Pittaway

Panel: RSM

Tim Pittaway is a Partner at RSM’s Risk Advisory Division in Sydney, with over 20 years of dynamic experience in risk management, climate change, sustainability, and ESG. With a diverse range of auditing specialties, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge in ESG consulting and carbon emission reporting to the discussion.

Data Science Expert

Adam Sharp

Panel: Toustone

Adam Sharp, Services Delivery Director and Co-founder of Toustone, is an expert in translating needs between business and IT silos and presenting data visually to optimize analysis. As a panellist, he will bring this knowledge of leading data science techniques to the discussion of ESG reporting.

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