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Toustone Transport Team becoming ARA member

Toustone is excited to announce that we are now proud members of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) in recognition of our many years working in the transport sector.

This membership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to the transport industry and our dedication to fostering innovation within it.

CEO Craig Lefoe said,

“For several years now, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with leading members of the railway industry, gaining invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of rail transport.

Their experience has fuelled our enthusiasm for contributing to the evolution of transport through data-driven solutions and leveraging data insights to optimise operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

ARA’s focus on sustainability in rail, the need to support greater innovation and technology adoption to drive efficiency, safety and productivity all align with what we do at Toustone. Not to mention, their focus on upskilling and retaining those in the industry to ensure they are provided with the right skills to develop in their careers.

I look forward to seeing how we can work together with the ARA to continue to leverage our expertise in data and machine learning in the transport industry.”

At Toustone, we recognise that data is at the heart of transport innovation. Our goal is to harness the benefits of centralised and automated data collection and presentation, paving the way for enhanced organisational efficiency and performance.

Service Delivery Director and Co-Founder Adam Sharp said,

“I am incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far within the transport industry.

“Through our Toustone Transport Analytics Solution, we transform data into actionable insights, providing transport owners and operators with a comprehensive view of their operations against a myriad of performance criteria. This automated approach not only streamlines processes but also ensures accuracy and consistency across the board.”

In line with ARA’s commitment to sustainability in rail as outlined in their new sustainability guide, On Track to a Sustainable Future, Toustone provides comprehensive sustainability reporting and prediction to support organisations, particularly those in the transport industry, to be able to have the insights (both current and predictive) they need to be able to adopt more sustainable and cost-effective operations through the use of machine learning. Adam explains,

“Big data has transformed industries, including rail, to leverage big data in ways they hadn’t previously considered. Through meticulous automation of data ingestion processes, we’ve unlocked a realm of possibilities for efficient analysis and strategic decision-making,”

visual graphic; "the rail industry contributes 21% to emissions in Australia with its extensive energy requirements"

“The rail industry stands as a significant contributor to Australia’s greenhouse gases, contributing 21% to emissions with its extensive electrical energy requirements. By applying machine learning algorithms to the data and integrating external influences, we’ve gained operational insights that directly impact energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Through Toustone’s Sustainability Suite, we’ve got the ability to forecast energy consumption with remarkable accuracy, sometimes up to 6-12 months ahead, empowering our transport clients to optimise energy procurement strategies and explore commercially favourable opportunities.

As we continue to expand our data repertoire, I’m excited about the potential for further innovations and transformative insights that will shape the future of energy management in the rail industry.”

As ARA members, we look forward to furthering our journey to support organisations in leveraging their data to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance service delivery through automation and data-driven insights.

Explore more about how we use transport data, analytics, and machine learning to elevate operational capabilities and help organisations make better decisions. Or feel free to reach out to us if you want to have a chat.