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Adam Sharp, Services Delivery Director

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Services Delivery Director and Co-Founder, Adam Sharp explains how transport operators can transform complex data into actionable items, promoting efficiency and innovation. The process is mode-of-transport agnostic. And it works.

Reflecting on the new National Rail Manufacturing Strategy unveiled at the AusRAILPLUS 2023 conference, I can’t help but think about the importance of using big data analysis to help boost productivity, make smart manufacturing opportunities and progress Australia’s zero emissions goals in transport. (Check out Pillar 5 of the new Strategy, ‘Improve research and innovation outcomes in the rail sector)

Yet, I often hear the challenges of analysing data in the transport industry is the large volumes of data that are typically in silos across the business leading to a highly complex and time-consuming reporting process and difficulty in making confident decisions.

By implementing a decision intelligence solution, we can gather all the complex data from every operational data source and automate the reporting into a visual dashboard for an accurate overview of the entire organisation.

How do we make this powerful transport analytics solution?

First, we create a solid data foundation so there is only one source of truth and fully automated reports. This allows for the centralisation of all reports for easy and secure access.

It also removes the manual reporting process and reduces the labour previously required to manually process data and create reports, saving time and money. Not to mention reducing the risk of errors and eliminating duplicate reporting. This means the entire team now has a real-time overview of operations, instead of working from out-of-date data.

Then we have data storytelling. Visual transport dashboards tell the full story of the business. Intuitive data visualisation enables instant awareness and further investigation into the numbers behind the screen.

Finally, we have machine learning which advances your insight into foresight. It enables your team to better prepare for or correct an error before it has a financial impact. This solution of predictive analytics to the transportation industry is where business intelligence becomes the decision intelligence solution.

Toustone’s Transport Solution Overview Diagram (shown above) summarises how we go from thousands of data points into actionable items, enabling more effective decision-making.

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